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Livestream Teaching & Integration Practices
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"Imagine the power and energy unleashed when multitudes of us come together at the same time, to connect our life force with the intention of manifesting the highest good — to offer our gifts, creativity, and inspiration for a new, healthier world." –Master Mingtong Gu

Connect weekly live, online with Master Mingtong Gu and our distinguished team of Chi Center coaches  

Every Tuesday join The Chi Center online community for livestream Wisdom Healing Qigong practice, teachings, transmissions, facilitated conversations, and experiential learning.

This is brand-new livestream program unlike anything we've offered before at The Chi Center!  Our focus is to bring Qigong into your day-to-day life, and bring more life into your Qigong!

We're truly excited and hope you'll find our newest program – Connections! –  timely, relevant, and deeply valuable! 

We care about connecting with you! Since we've begun offering a wide variety of livestream programs several times a week for nearly 180 days, we've been paying close attention to our attendees' wishes, dreams, goals, and intentions.

Continue reading to learn all about what we have creatively and mindfully put together for you in this new program

Every other week Master Mingtong will lead integration activities and teachings applicable to current events, via livestream.  All sessions will be recorded and available to you as long as you remain a member of CONNECTIONS!

During alternating Tuesdays, leaders from our Qigong Coaching Team will facilitate a conversation based on featured topics.  The program is designed for live participation for the most benefit, however watching (or re-watching) the replays will also serve everybody.

Rich and important topics will include:
 How to work with resistance to practicing
☀ How do I fit Qigong into my daily life?
 What is Chi Purification and am I having one?
 How to transform your perspective when things seem impossible or hopeless
 What to do when you are experiencing different types of life challenges
 How does Qigong integrate with and affect my relationships?  my work?  my finances?  my mental well-being?
  What truly is Qigong Life Mastery and the Qigong lifestyle paradigm?
Master Mingtong will be available for short Question & Answer Sessions after his every-other-week teaching & practice.  And during the alternating weeks, our Coaching Team will bring forward something new and fresh each time.
For example, the Coaches may introduce and lead a supplemental practice like Inner Smile, or Lachi, or the 3-A's process of Acceptance - Activation - Appreciation (see more below). They may offer a demonstration of Qigong coaching.  They may assign exploration questions to self-guided small groups and then reconvene to summarize and integrate all the new insight and collective wisdom that emerges. 
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Deepen Your Connections
To Your Inner Wisdom

At the root of everything is form and form-less-ness — the manifest and the un-manifest.  In the Wisdom Healing Qigong tradition, the formless foundation to everything in the Universe is called primal energy or Hun Yuan Chi.  Cultivating our awareness of its omnipresence and unconditional, creative nature is foundational to true health. Hun Yuan Chi follows the mind's intention to realize transformation through uniting and integrating everything into Oneness.

Developing our sense of participating in and belonging to Hun Yuan Chi, is often represented by an ocean of light during Qigong practices.  Many teachings and traditions exist that bring us into a similar awareness and have referred to this state of Oneness or wholeness differently. 

As the omnipresent building block of all creation, the Hun Yuan Chi is present in every aspect of our bodies. It forms our inner wisdom. As the elements of our being differentiated into various functions, this energy took form creating our organs, glands, blood, bones, skin, and so forth.  A whole variety of purposes structured the Hun Yuan Chi into the glory of creation the wonder of our bodies, and the beauty of being alive.

Life experiences then gave rise to feelings of separation from the wholeness and patterns of response become based on how we perceive what was happening around us. Instead, stories of who we are and how we relate to the world became our reality. These stories and perceptions gave new purpose to the energy of our Being and our physical condition shifted in response.  Still, steadily at the root of all creation, is the Hun Yuan Chi — the unconditional, foundational energy.

All Wisdom Healing Qigong healing is done from within the Hun Yuan Chi using our consciousness to give a new (or reactiving the original) purpose to transmute and transform energy.

Heal & Enhance Your
Interpersonal Connections

Naturally flowing from our personal practice comes our dedication to healing  the challenges facing humanity and living in harmony with others and with the whole of Life.  As we open the scope of our practice beyond our own personal needs we open ourselves to an ever-increasing exchange with the energy of the world around us.

Wisdom Healing Qigong practices focus on bringing our bodies, our lives, our relationships, and our world into a state of Oneness — in harmony from the inside out and from the outside in.  The practice cultivates all aspects of our Being and influences all aspects of our life. Blockages open. Stagnation flows. Old stuck patterns and stories dissolve. Limitations fade away.

As our internal energy pathways and our energetic exchanges with the world around us start to flow freely, we gain access to and are able to participate in greater flows of creativity, love, and energy.

The benefits of practice are cumulative and ever-expanding, as we open beyond the finite nature of the material world to the infinite nature of the energy flowing through Life.  Practicing with the infinite nature of Life on a consistent basis, we come to know the truth of our Unity with the infinite Source Energy deep in our bones. From the core of our being we tap into the Source energy creating Life itself.

The benefits of practice bring about new potential in our lives in unique ways. We often begin with one purpose in mind and are pleasantly surprised by the unforeseen benefits that flow forth into our families, our work, and our play. Stuck relationships are seen through new lenses.  In this way we carry on the ancient wisdom teachings and become the master of the energy flowing through our lives.  Having more is not the goal because, in truth we have it all. 

Strengthen Your Connections
To Your Daily Practice

Our modern minds are trained to perceive ourselves through layers — physical, mental, and so forth.  However, anytime our mind differentiates and separates distinct parts of our Being, we're not experiencing connectedness to the complete spectrum of energy — wholeness.

Therefore, as you cultivate the experience of your own energy in its full spectrum –including the energy of mind, heart, and body – you will begin to notice your response to life shifting. You will enter into the Mystery. This is a sign that you are moving closer to Source Energy.

You might start cultivating wholeness by imagining yourself like layers of an onion. Once you're able to embrace one layer, you can start peeling another layer and then another, getting closer and closer to what's hidden in the middle, the core, the Source Energy.  Even if you go through increased pain, or chi purifications as a result of your Qigong practice, you can be confident that in the big picture, you are coming back home (to wholeness) by dissolving limitations, unfreezing energy, and opening more space for Source Energy to enter.

On one hand, energetic shifts like this are very practical and tangible.  On the other hand, they are amazingly profound and spiritual.  They are both, simultaneously.  Wisdom Healing Qigong practice creates deeper and deeper experiences of wholeness.

As you embrace both the practical and the esoteric dimensions, it becomes much easier to sustain your practice and the greater transformation of your life.  You will feel more and more self-empowered and deeply engaged with life.  Your daily practice will become more and more integral to your everyday way of being.

Life will undoubtedly continue to present itself with challenges of all kinds, no matter how powerful, wise, loving, or enlightened you become. That is the nature of life.  And yet, how you respond to your life challenges will determine the condition of your health and the quality of your life.  Wisdom Healing Qigong can help you transform disharmony into harmony, and dis-ease into ease, and emptiness into wholeness.

Expand Your Connections With Your Community & The Chi Field

When we practice together, we multiply the power and benefit of Qigong, creating a unified chi field. A chi field is the consciousness, individually, collectively, and cumulatively, unified by a certain purpose, cultivating a certain quality, such as love, joy, wholeness, creativity, healing, transformation, and so on that purifies the limited pattern of the past.

In Wisdom Healing Qigong we describe the chi field of healing as the union between Source Energy and the most important, quality information contributing to healing. That information is continuously energized when we are embodying and truly investing our mind, heart, and body.

The importance of coming together, the feeling of mutual support, and tapping into that accumulative, collective, holographic nature of the healing chi field is the essential difference between it and Source Energy.

With a common purpose, participants in a Qigong community feel a deep connection and support of an energetic presence that starts to formulate itself as a specific chi (energy) field, beyond an emotional connection.

A chi field is energy that is both internal and external, small and large, that encompasses all phenomena. The universal energy field is unfathomable, so to recognize the external chi field's influence is profoundly important.

Awaken & Open Your
Spiritual Connections

Pure Consciousness is the name Wisdom Healing Qigong assigns to deep states of consciousness that are beyond definition, beyond conceptualization, and beyond thought.  It is not possible to fully understand or accurately describe it using only words, because Pure Consciousness is the direct experience of the essence of who you are.

In a state of Pure Consciousness, we become self-aware... yet at the same time, we venture beyond our own awareness to see things as they truly are, without placing any concept or judgement between ourselves and the essence of existence.

"We cultivate our own life energy through accessing nature's great store of life energy [called qi or chi]. This approach produces quick results. But cultivating one's qi/chi is not the most fundamental; cultivating one's spirit is.

Mastery of qi/chi is really achieved through mastery of consciousness. We use consciousness in a careful, craftsman-like way, to shape our life, to attain our goals…

In modern terms, Qigong is just the refinement of consciousness to enhance the state of energy in the body. This leads to vibrant health, a harmonious body and mind, and awakened spiritual life.”

— Dr. Ming Pang, founder of Zhineng (Wisdom Healing) Qigong

At The Chi Center, we teach Pure Consciousness practices as part of the integrative mind-body practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong, which is a complete system for awakening and cultivating the chi and consciousness to transform, perfect, and improve your holistic potential.  Through Wisdom Healing Qigong, you're empowered to look within yourself and listen — uplifting your consciousness from a condition of automatic reaction to one of autonomous wisdom.
Develop Your Connection To The 5,000 Year-Old Qigong Lineage
The traditional lineage of Qigong traces back 5,000 years or more.  Yet, for the majority of its history, it has remained a well-hidden secret. For thousands of years, these esoteric teachings and practices were essentially only shared by aristocratic classes —  emperors, royal families, and other leaders.

About 2,500 years ago, in several parts of the world simultaneously, the energetic wisdom of an unseen spiritual world known by early humans around the world, eventually evolved into unique systems of organized principles, especially in the East. This led to the formalization of philosophical cosmologies accompanied by specific systems of practice.  Soon after came the time of the great philosopher Lao Tzu and the birth of Taoism in China, and the time of Buddha in India.

From the transmission of Buddhist teachings into China came a new branch of energy wisdom that was neither Taoist nor Buddhist, but integrated both (plus more) into a unique Chinese lineage call Hun Yuan.  (Hun means integration; Yuan means oneness.) Qigong is firmly rooted in this ancient Hun Yuan lineage.

Even in recent history, knowledge of Qigong has been suppressed.  Since the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960's, energy wisdom or anything that could be categorized as magical, fanciful belief in the unseen — was forbidden.

Into this difficult period emerged a few pioneers who felt called to teach Qigong as a way of helping the country heal itself and its people recover their wellbeing and spiritual connection.

Among the many styles of Qigong that evolved, Zhineng (pronounced Tszu-nen') Qigong — also known as Wisdom Healing Qigong  in the West — is one of the most powerful. Translated literally, Zhineng Qigong means “Cultivating Wisdom Energy Ability.”

Zhineng Qigong was developed by Master Mingtong Gu’s Teacher, Dr. Pang Ming, a Qigong Grandmaster trained in both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. He synthesized his profound medical knowledge of the old and new healing sciences with the ancient Qigong practice. The result is an integrative system of self-healing and cultivation that is suited for the modern pragmatic world. “Establishing a chi field” was one of his great innovations and is based on the Hun Yuan Entirety Theory that he developed.

And now, for the last 20 years, Master Mingtong Gu, has continued to share Wisdom Healing Qigong with the Western World through the organization he founded in the US — The Chi Center.

Nurture & Grow Your Connections To Nature & Planet Earth

In spite of the many sophisticated technologies of modern life, we are increasingly experiencing disconnection from Earth and Heaven. The practice of Qigong allows us to reconnect with the wholeness of life by connecting and then activating the energy exchange that flows through our own bodies, as well as the whole of Life.

Like the Earth, a human body can be perceived as a conglomerate of energy fields — a concrete and sealed unit within which energy can flow and from which energy can exchange and transfer with other bodies and the entire Universe.  In Wisdom Healing Qigong practice, we visualize our bodies are transparent in order to magnify the exchange of energies between our bodies, the Earth, and the Universe.

The power of the teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong is based on a paradigm of Oneness of Life. The expression of Life is interaction, interconnection, and inter-relationship. The journey to fulfillment starts with your inner relationship with yourself — your body-mind-heart and your essence. When we cultivate our inner and energetic relationship to life, then we build the capacity to reconnect with the greater expression of life on the planet.

As an energetic being, a human is the union of Heaven and Earth.  Collectively, we greatly impact and bring much manifestation to the Earth.  We have just begun to understand the impact of humankind's past actions on  our lovely planet, and our direct transformation in the energetic field of the Earth.

Human emotional energy is the most powerful energy in the human realm.  What we do with our individual and collective emotions — whether positive or negative — determines the outcome of human evolution, together with the Earth's.

So, when we transform our own energy with the ancient technology of inner alchemy, we also transform the energy field of all humanity and that of the Earth.

Once we recognize the power of our energy centers and gradually start connecting and aligning  our own energy bodies with the Universal energies, we can become a pillar of light connecting Heaven and Earth.

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Your Online Hosts for CONNECTIONS!

Master Mingtong Gu
Teachings & Practice

Susan Drouilhet
Lead Chi Center Coach

Tom Loeswick
Lead Chi Center Coach

Sarah Sampayo
Online Programs Host

Every Tuesday  • ONLINE via ZOOM
6:00pm - 7:00pm US Mountain Time Zone

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What Will You Experience ?
How Will You Benefit ?
  • Find encouragement, motivation, and empowerment to face challenges with grace

  • Develop an inspiring, regular, and consistent practice

  • Experience deep connection with universal energies and humanity beyond distance and time

  • Open your heart to love, acceptance, courage, and compassion for healing yourself and the healing of others

  • Release energy blockages to increase your sense of aliveness throughout your body

  • Nurture and infuse love, joy, and healing into your home environment
  • Strengthen your immune system and resilience to remain strong and healthy

  • Activate healing in your own corner of the globe and contribute to the healing and awakening chi field throughout the planet

  • Release and transform current and historical stress, anxiety, worry, fear, and trauma

  • Feel more and more connected to the teachings & lineage of Qigong, Master Mingtong, and our growing and deepening Qigong family

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and the Wisdom Healing Qigong paradigm
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Comments From Recent
Livestream Attendees

These live classes are so meaningful to me. Today’s practice was profound. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to join Master Mingtong and the other practitioners live, online every week.  Thank you so much!! Haola! – Kristin C.

Beautiful practice today! My head is filled with light beaming out in all directions! So, so, so grateful for the livestream practice sessions. Haola!!!! – Kathleen H. 

Every live session with Master Mingtong brings new understanding of the practice and totally new experience. I am very grateful to the Master and the chi field and everybody who participates in this practice. I will be sharing on Facebook every session with recommendations. Haola! – Elena A.

Today's was a very powerful transmission. It brought me to a place of calmness, joy, and awareness inside and within the chi field with all the other practitioners, What a wonderful power Master Mingtong is transmitting to those of us in this online program.  – Sophie G. 

Such a truly beautiful and powerful sound healing practice. Thank you so much. These sessions of practicing with the Master are very moving and transformational. With deepest gratitude and love. – Sheila H.

I find these livestream sessions each week invaluable. I have become very dedicated to participating in the chi field. Haola! – Jeannette M.

"Lots of light bulbs went on for our group today"

"We were all in agreement about how the magic of Qigong has affected us"

"Through practicing in the chi field, we trust the answers will come"

"Ongoing practice and awareness is transforming us from the inside out"

"During our online small group session, the the thing that was most striking to me was the wide variety of types of abundance we're all seeking. Some who began by framing abundance only as money transformed what they really wanted into something else — like a more embodied heart, time in nature, more energy at work, connection and relationships, positivity, and opening to broader possibilities.

"Our group was so inspired that a number of us plan to organize a 100-Day Gong on sound healing! Others made individual chi-buddy connections with each other to be able to share.

"Susan and Tom, what you've done with and for us in today's session was phenomenal. You brought our awareness to the power of the chi field in a new way.  Plus, the connection Susan made about paying attention to and acknowledging our resistances — including our possible resistance to doing our Qigong practice was so enlightening and even freeing.  And Tom, your skill added much to our understanding in just this first session. Lots of light bulbs went on for our group today. You are both incredibly wise.  Wow!" — Small group spokesperson, August 2020

"We had a lovely group experience. When all was over, we agreed we are liking this practice more and more. We were all in agreement about how the magic of Qigong has affected us. 

"We agreed we are all experiencing our own forms of resistance or self doubt. And we are learning to accept and connect to it instead of pushing it away or being self-critical.

"So now when I next go into my studio to paint I will connect to the chi 
field, and the rootedness and the connection between heaven and earth. It's clear to me now that the work is waiting for me anytime. I can simply acknowledge and accept my own resistance. It's there, but so is the abundance of this moment and this opportunity to create.

"Our group shared about the amazing effects of the sound healing, the setting of the chi field, and the way Master Mingtong and you all are packaging online programs now at The Chi Center. Some of us have been doing Qigong for a while, but something the way this is woven together at this time is really experientially profound." — Small group spokesperson, August 2020

"The big theme in most of our sharing today was accepting, acknowledging, being aware, appreciating, and then just simply letting the energy activate the process for the highest good. 

"One of our group members was experiencing a tornado-watch happening during our session. It became a unifying metaphor for what is going on with with each of us in some way. There's a lot of messiness that happens as we search for where the abundance and healing is stuck in each of us. There's all kinds of stuff going on.

"But through our practicing and being in the chi field, we know the answer is going to come — it's a process that doesn't have to happen all at once.

"It will work through us and in not in any defined timeline, or any way that we are trying to impose on it." — Small group spokesperson, August 2020

"Our group appreciated the power of the chi field and the power of doing this work in community with the support of others who are also really tuning to connecting with source energy.

"And having that become an ongoing practice and ongoing awareness is transforming us all from the inside out. It's real, it's profound. It's a true gift. It's wonderful, wonderful to see everyone here. I so appreciate your deep dedication to your own healing journey and to the healing of the planet and the world.

"When we are doing our own deep healing work, we can't help but have that work also contribute to the environment around us, to our families, to our relationships, to our work, to our communities and to the larger field."  — Small group spokesperson, August 2020


VIDEO:  How Wisdom Healing Qigong Can Support You Online Through Challenging Times

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What is the 3-A's Qigong Practice?
Why is it important for CONNECTIONS?

Acceptance — Activation — Appreciation

The 3-A's practice is unique to Wisdom Healing Qigong. We use a three-step process (described below) to move through any challenge we face and to free up blocked or frozen energy that is stored in the energetic imprints and cellular memories of our bodies.  It's ultimately a powerful process to reconnect to the healing potentiality of energy that flows through you to...  release stressunblock energytransmute old limiting energetic patternsheal and transfigure reactivityactivate resiliencefree up energy for creativityopen the path to discovering and embodying the qualities of love, compassion, and joytransforming your relationship to yourself and your loved ones – and fulfilling the highest vision you have for your life.

Acceptance:  The first step is to accept your internal sensations and feelings in the body with awareness and compassion.  As you do this the energy shifts from an external experience —  away from being mentally entangled with stressful stories, reports on the news, or histories —  to a renewed internal connection with your body.  The result is a shift in your mind's tendency of resistance to feeling the emerging wisdom of your heart within your body.  

Activation:  Next you activate and initiate change through Wisdom Healing Qigong practices to open energy flow.  You will move from contraction to openness, from stagnation to flow, and from disconnection to wholeness.

Appreciation:  You complete the process by appreciating your new internal choices and any changes or discoveries you make through the renewed experience  you have with your mind, body, heart, and spirit.  As you go into deep appreciation you will sense new possibilities and revitalized gratitude for life, others, and your circumstances — in spite of the challenges you face.  

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How To Join The CONNECTIONS! Community
Enjoy weekly livestream practice, teachings, and experiential integration sessions for true embodiment of the healing and awakening benefits of Wisdom Healing Qigong

Become part of the the live online CONNECTIONS! community for...
$97 per month ($47 for Charter Members)
Join by 10/15/20 and receive
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Receive Bonuses: 3 of our most requested
Teaching Videos FREE 

When you join CONNECTIONS!
Before October 15, 2020


• $300 value - Your free bonus for joining

Some of the most popular features of a Healing Intensive Retreat are the Healing Sessions let by Master MIngtong Gu and his lovely wife, Linling Xie at the end of each day.  Just like Retreat attendees, you are invited to get comfortable, lying down with pillows and blankets in a dimly-lit room to enjoy this session.  You will be guided into a state of deep relaxed awareness in order to move the energy surrounding you (and beyond!) through a collaborative process between you and the Qigong Master Teachers, within the local and non-local chi field.

The Healing Session is a special method for the induction of chi throughout the mind and physical forms, through sound and vibration. During the Healing Session, Master Mingtong activates the Wisdom Healing Qigong energetic flow through a combination of English, Chinese, Tibetan, and Sanskrit. Participants, whether in person or online, engage by setting their own mindful intention — to help absorb, assimilate, and activate healing and transformation on a cellular level.

The healing energy transmission that flows through Master Mingtong and the chi field is connected to the energy that makes up your unique intention.  That connection activates deep openings of energetic blockages and stimulates the awakening of aliveness in the body.  This is the essence of inner medicine and the Healing Session.

Disease, anxiety, depression, and conflict are manifestations of energy being expressed in unhealthy patterns.  We can bring these energies into a state of health (freely flowing harmonized energy) through Qigong movement, sounds, and visualization.  During the Healing Session many modalities are combined with a distilled and potent effect.

Your invitation during this Healing Session is to let go of any effort, tension, or limitations, including ideas and expectations about what healing "should be".  Simply open to to the vibration beyond the sounds and the abundance Source Energy of Creation that contains all creativity and wisdom.

• $200 value - Your free bonus for joining

Master Mingtong leads this Standing Meditation Practice under a magnificent Grandfather Tree at The Chi Center, just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico.

While Rio Grande Cottonwood trees are only found near water in the high dry desert of New Mexico, and generally only live to be 80-100 years old  like the one in this video, The Chi Center is also graced with several ancient trees with thick, deeply furrowed bark  
that are estimated to be 400-500 years old due to their enormous trunk sizes that take 8-10 people with outstretched arms to encircle them!

Cottonwood trees are essential in the circle of life in the desert, and like all trees help us tap into the interconnectedness of the whole of Nature.

During this meditation we reflect on the design, nature, and qualities of trees as a doorway and connector to deeper wisdom.  We are guided to embrace the "ancient tree of life wisdom" within us.

Feeling our feet like roots extended into in the Earth, we dip into the power and subtle energy of the heart of the Earth.  Feeling our head touching the sky, we stand between Heaven and Earth — straight and connected to both.

Our awareness extends in all directions, embracing the horizon, blessing all Life.

Nourished by Infinite Source Energy we stand, feeling the flow and movement in the stillness. We stand quiet, strong, grounded, calm, and confident.

The Standing Meditation Practice is a wonderful tool to deeply connect inwardly anytime of the day.  It can be done in shorter increments of 5, 10, or 15 minutes as your schedule allows.


• $200 value - Your free bonus for joining

The main focus in this session is the Essence Mantra  — Hun Yuan Ling Tong— which means the pure energy of all creation, naturally connecting, transforming, and fulfilling the highest purpose of life.

These words and energetic vibrations contain the very essence of Wisdom Healing Qigong — the timeless teaching of Oneness. As we listen to the sounds imbued with this profound energetic information, connect and align naturally with the deeper process of  transformation, holding the new vision, open to the process of purification, open to the Source Energy, the Light — the Source of All Life.

If you are new to the mantra, just relax and receive, if you are familiar with the mantra, you can just listen or alternate between listening and chanting. Notice whatever energy you are experiencing during this meditation and observe any patterns of contraction and reactivity as well as openness.

Connect to the energy of wisdom, loving kindness, compassion, and healing on all levels while holding the intention of transformation for yourself and life on the planet earth.

We live in a unique time of powerful planetary alignments and global shift on so many levels. In Wisdom Healing Qigong, we acknowledge that this time of stronger energy means big change can happen. We are continuously, consciously cultivating transformation to the highest good for all life.

The action of cultivation requires 2 parts —  First, letting go of what is limiting from the past and opening to the possibilities that might be available instead  and then, simultaneously holding the new vision of life —  both personally and collectively.

At its core, the potential for transformation is rooted in the activities of opening and awakening.

About Master Mingtong Gu

As a Master, Teacher, and Healer and based on my success working with people of all ages and with many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges, I founded the Wisdom Healing Qigong method to make Zhineng Qigong accessible to Western lifestyles and cultures and to benefit people around the world. The Zhineng Qigong lineage stems from 5,000-year-old Chinese wisdom traditions we now know as Qigong.

I've shared Qigong teachings with tens of thousands of students at Retreats, workshops, and online programs. I've been recognized as the Qigong Master of the Year (by the 13th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine), and authored several books and online training programs that translate the ancient teaching of Wisdom Healing Qigong for modern readers and students.

I have dedicated my life to empowering people of all ages and conditions to discover more joy, health and the vitality of mind, body and heart through the ancient practice of using energy wisdom — known as Wisdom Healing Qigong. This is the profound gift I received from my teacher Grandmaster Pang. Now I am delighted to share this with you since it will transform your health and your life as it has for me and everyone who practices with sincere devotion and consistency.

May our programs, imbued with love and blessings, awaken the natural flow
of Life Energy in your heart and ignite the flame in your Being.
–Master Mingtong Gu

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